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Midnight Stars: Taylor Caniff Imagine


Taylor basketball imagine for anon. Hope you like it! Love you! xx

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look at camerons pants

*cough cough his dick*


Beginning of senior year part 2 

Jack 'Such a tease' Gilinsky ;)
Photo Credit to owner 
- Jess x

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Arte sobre arte….


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everybody needs a nash grier shaking the booty on their blog

forever reblog for the bowty


Swiggity swooty I’m coming for that booty

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"Shit nobody says"
HAHA Jack J is so funny.
awww Matt’s laugh in the background though 😍👌

Imagine you being Matt’s girlfriend and after finishing a pretty exhausting weekend at Magcon, you’re at six flags with the magcon family relaxing and having fun. You guys just finished riding a ride and now you guys are taking a break from the sun and the fans. And you’re sitting right next to Matt as this is happening 💕

hehe first imagine, maybe I’ll post more? it’s kinda fun ☺


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this is probably already on tumblr, because i posted this on weheartit a couple of weeks ago, but yeah, i was the one who made this :)


Imagine going on a road trip with all the Magcon boys and your friends. You guys were on your way to San Francisco. 

Nash invited me to come and I knew all the Magcon boys but I didn’t know them like that. Nash greeted all of us and then i noticed me and my two friends were the only females on there. Everyone sort of stared and then acted like they were doing something afterwards. The whole ride was so much fun. We turned up and went a little crazy in that RV. There was actually a disco too surprisingly. Later on in the night jack g pulled me to the side. “You look gorgeous, can I get to know more than just your name?” He asked me. “Of course.” I say to him and then we go into a private room. The whole time he looked into my eyes and made me laugh. I loved how big his smile was when he laughed. 

After about 15 minutes jack asked me something. “Can I kiss you?” Jack g asks me. “You have all the rights to.” I say with a flirty look and then he leaned in.